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FUUUUCKKKKKK! how exciting to see another nice guy unload his cum all over my girlfriend’s hairy pussy! i can’t believe how incredibly hot it makes me to see that! he has a great cock, with a good size and girth, and seeing his cock tip stroking over my girl’s clit is so hot to see. i wish i could have been there to watch it all in person, and maybe guide his cock over her pussy. so great to see him shooting all over her in the end. i LOOOVE seeing his cumshot spread out between her legs. SO HOOOOTTTT!!! thanks my friend, how wonderful!!!

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OH MAN!!!! how wonderfully exciting to see your cock next to my girlfriend!!!!!! amazing! and so hot to see! you have a really great cock, and a great cock tip, too. and seeing that cock of yours so close to my girl is the best thing EVER!

WOWOWOWOWOWOOWOWOWOWOWOOWOWOW SO FREAKING HOT TO SEE you. it’s as if you were right there with me, fucking my girl together!!!!!!!!! so amazing! such a great shot of your cock dangling in-between her legs there.

wouldn’t it be terrific if we were actually fucking her together? whew! oh yes indeed! two cocks inside my girl’s pussy/or ass, rubbing each other while were doing it…

honestly - so hot to see your cock there in that tribute! thanks so much my friend :-)

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Thanks cumonmypix i loved cumming on your gf


Thanks cumonmypix i loved cumming on your gf

OH MAN!!! how exciting to see you jerking off to my girfriend and cumming on her hairy pussy with such heavy cum loads!!!! thanks so much for doing this for me, my man, i totally appreciate seeing my girl getting seen by and cummed on by another guy, and especially by one with such a good-looking dick. it’s amazing to see your cock dangling between her legs spread wide open, and then to witness you cumming on her like that. THANKS A MILLION, MY FRIEND!!!

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here’s another series of tributes that a friend made for me!
it’s so wonderful that you have tributed each and every picture i sent you.  seeing your cock dangling over my girl and me is beyond words for me to describe. 
and then your cum shot! man, how exciting to see this!!! not only because this is yet another simple cum shot, but because this is a cum shot that you made especially for my girl! hor exciting to see you cumming right into her on that last pic of yours!!!! such a load of cum there! WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!! i wish this would have been for real, with me watching you shoot your load all of her… man!!!
thanks a million, wonderful cum shooter!!!!!!

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Wanted to share with you guys my man 152’s cock tribute he just made for me! He’s from the UK, 31 and bisexual like me, and a hell of a guy.

He has a great cock and instantly agreed to do a tribute pic for me. So lovely! I LOVE seeing his long cock rubbing against my ass.

He also made some more tribute pix for me, including a different view of my ass and balls, and also one using my girlfriend’s hairy pussy. THIS IS SO FREAKING HOT TO SEE for me, you wouldn’t ‘t believe!!!

I got so hot that I did a tribute-tribute picture of my own cock tributing his tribute of my ass pic ;-) A little strange pershaps? But HOT! Thanks 152 - you’re my man!!!

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Introducing my buddy HengstOWL’s uncircumsized big cock as he is tributing two pictures showing my fully erect cock and my cock entering my girlfriend’s pussy from behind.

I met HengstOWL on a chat platform where we exchanged some hot intimate pix of our cocks and our girlfriends. When I asked if he would tribute my pix, was glad to follow up and make these wonderfully sexy tribute images.

I LOVE triubutes!!! It gives me such a thrill to see my pix printed out by him in color, and seeing his stiff cock dangling over them that way!!! He asked me to send him some more pix, and so I am hoping to showcase some more of my buddy’s cock as he is using my nude pix here soon.

Thanks so much my man!!!

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I met EnglishMale on jackinchat, a 19 year old heterosexual male from the UK, and asked him if he wanted to do a cock tribute using some of my girlfriend and fuck pix.

This is what he came up with. I am so thrilled to see his young cock using my girl, especially give that hairy pussies deon’t seem to be overly popular among  young folks these days.

OH MAN!!! Thank you, thank you!!! This is so hot to see!!!!!

It is so exciting seeing your young cock next to my girl’s hairy pussy and our fuck pix. It feels as if you were jerking off right next to us as we are putting on a show for you ;-)

Your cock is really beautiful, and sexy. and very long, it seems!

Thanks for everything, man!  Really nice of you.

Hope you like the pix as much as I do, guys!

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This is a tribute by my man maximillion_16 at jackinchat. He is a mere 22 years old, and has a super great cock. What is more, I love the fact that he likes both boys and girls, because so do I.

Thanks so much buddy! It is such a turn-on to see your cock wanking and cumming on my cock as I am spreading my legs! You have a great penis with a large tip, and I love all that cum cumming out of it. Thanks for your terrific cock and cum tribute!

P.S. Watch my own cock tribute to that tribute here!

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I am thrilled to show you guys another cock and cum tribute that a buddy made for me last night. He told me he really likes to show off his fully erect cock, which is terrific, because so do I :-)

So here he is tributing my girlfriend’s hairy pussy. I get totally off at the sight of seeing him wank and cum over seeing my girl naked - so hot to see. You can also see him wanking over a pic of mine showing how I am fucking her from behind.

And then there are those cock tributes that my buddy made for me. I really enjoy seeing his stiff cock dangling over my own erect cock in those pix. Seeing my cock displayed on his screen while he is jerking off is just the best thing ever! Whew - thanks so much for showing off your cock to the world, man!!

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My buddy joeyboy38de has done it again! He requested a new picture of mine that he could cock and cum, and I was more than happy to oblige. I took one of me crouching on the kitchen floor and holding up my shirt while I am spreading my legs and revealing my erect cock and balls.

FUCK!!!! This is SO FUCKING HOT, man! You are a hell of a guy! So hot to see you cumming on me again… It gives me such pleasure to see your hard throbbing cock tip wavering over my body and cock. And witnessing your hot cum creaming on me in such spurts of white is simply the best thing ever. It really feels very much as if it were for real ;-)

Thanks so very much for cumming on me again, my man!! I highly appreciate it!

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Oh man! I just received this cock and cum tribute submission from a wonderful guy who wanted to remain anonymous. This is what he wrote:

Hey man, I’m enjoying your tumblr and the pics you have up. I decided to take some pics for ya. My fetish is seeing other people dressed up in a suit playing with their crotch/dick out. :) So I dressed up in my pics.

Oh my god! This is so awesome to see! You look super-sexy in your suit and attire, and the way you are showing off your cock as you are jerking off to print-outs of my own are totally turning me on!

Your cock looks amazing - especially your fat tip; and seeing you cum on my cock is the best thing ever. THANKS SO VERY MUCH for doing this for me, man! I LOVE seeing your cum on my cock - it truly feels like a mutual jerk-off session. I love the thought of picturing you getting  excited over seeing me naked, and your hot cock getting hard over my cock. So happy to see that my cock pix managed to turn you on, and make you cum right over my balls. SO FUCKING HOT!!!! I can actually feel your hot cum running down my cock and balls… it’s indescribable… THANK YOU!!!!!!

P.S. It’s great to see that you picked two of my all-time favorite pix of my cock. I like those two especially :-)

P.P.S. For some reason I can’t seem to be able to get in touch with you thru Tumblr to thank you personally - so I am hoping you get to see this soon!

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Anonymous asked: Do you cum on a pic of my girlfriend?

hi, yes i might consider doing that, provided you do the same for me. how does that sound to you? perhaps you want to send a few pix over so we can talk some more?

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My man joeyboy that I met at jackinchat just sent me such a terrific cock and cum tribute that I wanted to share with you guys.

So here he is browsing some of my cock pix on his iphone. I am totally into having horny guys checking out my cock on their computers - it is such a turn-on to know they are looking at everything, and are appreciating the shape of my cock, the public hair and my balls. Really fascinating to even think about it!

So then we see him pulling out his cock while still browsing my pix. He has a great cock, and I love seeing it getting hard over a pic he chose to look at more intensely - a pic showing how I am spreading my legs, only to reveal to for the world to see my fully erect cock.

So joeyboy starts to stroke his cock, and I picture him getting more and more excited over wanking his cock over mine… And then he CUMS on his iphone, spurting HUGE loads on the screen and all over my cock. He literally COVERS my cock with his cum. Look at the amount of sperm he shot out right there. This couldn’t have been done in one shot alone, but he must have spurted a number of times. I am picturing him shooting load after load over my cock pic, and it’s almost freaking me out, that’s how fucking hot it is to see!!!

Thank you so very much, joeyboy! Your cumshot is so hot to watch!!

Incidentally, joeyboy already made another tribute for me a while ago that I am going to post soon.